Just a quick note to thank our families and friends that have been in this with us.  To all of you, Wendy and I could have never done this without you.

Wendy’s Favorite Monster From The AT&T Commercials.

Marc Zoschke :

     Before becoming a jeweler & Sculptor, I was an art gallery owner and a professional photographer  with a background in graphic arts and product design.   I see sculpture in buildings, serene landscapes,  automobiles, etc.  They all give me inspiration that I can add to our  Sculpture & Jewelry.   For the 22 years I owned Art Concepts, an art gallery in Springfield, Illinois.  In February of 2009 Wendy and I decided that the time was right for us to do the jewelry full time.

     I have a bachelors degree in product design from

Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.


      In September 2001 the weekend before 9/11 I started

showing my photography at art shows around the country.

When Wendy and I got together she started Vetro Caldo

Designs and I soon followed her doing jewelry.  And now we

are starting the next chapter with the sculpture..

Wendy Baxter :

      My view on life has always been a bit off kilter and that really comes out

           in the jewelry. I like simple lines, but add a funk that brings a style of

           its own to each and every piece. I believe that art should be lived, felt

           and experienced and if one of my pieces can do that for someone then I'm

           satisfied and blessed.  I have always been a creative person, from my

           commercial art background to the 12 years of stained glass experience I have        

           had.  And with the jewelry I have finally found my calling.